14 x 1 SMOOTH FOAM Craft Discs (12 Pack)

Dec 11, 2021
Party Decor

Enhance Your Craft Projects with Premium Quality Craft Discs

California Casino Party Supplies is proud to offer you top-of-the-line 14 x 1 SMOOTH FOAM Craft Discs. If you're a crafting enthusiast or a professional artist, these high-quality polystyrene craft discs will play a vital role in taking your creativity to new heights.

Our 14 x 1 SMOOTH FOAM Craft Discs are carefully designed to provide you with a smooth and sturdy base for your DIY projects. Whether you are working on jewelry making, model building, or any other craft project, these discs offer unmatched versatility and durability.

Unleash Your Creativity with Versatile Polystyrene Craft Discs

With our 14 x 1 SMOOTH FOAM Craft Discs, the possibilities are endless. These foam discs can be easily customized and transformed into various art and craft items. Let your imagination run wild and create stunning sculptures, decorations, or props for your next party or event.

The smooth surface of our craft discs allows for easy painting, decorating, and embellishments. Whether you prefer acrylic paints, markers, glitters, or other decorative elements, these discs are the perfect canvas for your artistic ideas.

The Key Features of Our 14 x 1 SMOOTH FOAM Craft Discs:

  1. Pack of 12 high-quality craft discs
  2. Measurements: 14 inches in diameter, 1 inch thick
  3. Made from premium polystyrene material
  4. Smooth surface for easy customization
  5. Durable and long-lasting
  6. Lightweight for convenient handling
  7. Versatile for various craft projects

Why Choose California Casino Party Supplies?

At California Casino Party Supplies, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional products and excellent customer service. When you choose our 14 x 1 SMOOTH FOAM Craft Discs, you can expect:

  • Superior quality materials: Our craft discs are made from high-grade polystyrene material, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Unmatched versatility: These discs can be used for various craft projects, making them a must-have for crafters, artists, and hobbyists.
  • Fast and reliable shipping: We offer prompt shipping services to ensure your craft discs arrive on time for your projects.
  • Responsive customer support: Have a question or need assistance? Our dedicated team is here to help and provide you with the best solutions.
  • Competitive pricing: We believe in offering premium products at affordable prices, allowing you to indulge in your crafting passion without breaking the bank.

Discover the Possibilities with Our 14 x 1 SMOOTH FOAM Craft Discs

With our high-quality 14 x 1 SMOOTH FOAM Craft Discs, the only limit is your creativity. Explore the world of craft projects and bring your ideas to life with these versatile and durable discs. Whether you're a professional artist or a DIY enthusiast, you can rely on California Casino Party Supplies to provide you with the finest craft supplies.

Order your pack of 14 x 1 SMOOTH FOAM Craft Discs today from California Casino Party Supplies and take your crafts to the next level!