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Team Building Poker Tournaments

California Casino developed an innovative three-hour “Winning Edge
Poker” program that your company participants can benefit from
in a myriad of ways!  
They will learn the game of poker as well as use their new skills in a
unique and totally fun team building activity! 

Theories, strategy and skills learned at the poker table are now being
applied by individuals in every stratum of the business world and
even preparing college students to enter the work arena.  
Balancing risk versus reward, knowing how to read the player,
emotional discipline, maximizing opportunities and knowing when to
fold are only a few of the important elements in a poker game which,
if learned and applied, will result in a winning edge.  It is no wonder
that so many individuals and groups partake in the game of poker
and add these skills to their arsenal of successful business practices.

California Casino can hold the session at your facility or one of your choosing.  We will provide the poker tables, chips and cards for all phases of the session as well as the tournament director, professional dealers, poker instructors, and poker instruction handouts.  The cost of the session varies depending on the amount of participants, poker tables and personnel required.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you that this team building event will be the most memorable – and rewarding!  Call us today to plan a Winning Edge Poker session– the ultimate team building experience!

Let the Games Begin!

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