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Casino Parties

General Information:
Whatever the occasion, a Casino Party is a fantastic way to have
fun and socialize in the excitement of a Las Vegas setting. 
Each and every guest will feel like a VIP! 
Everyone can participate in the experience, no matter what their gaming skill level.

How It Works:

California Casino Party Supplies can supply gaming equipment and/or staff dealers for the smallest private party to hundreds of guests. 

Our management professionals will suggest the number of tables (Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Craps, etc.) the number of dealers needed for your event and present a proposal that compliments the vision of your party and meets the parameters of your budget.

After you choose California Casino as your casino party vendor,
we will work on the details together, such as the casino table layout, number of starting chips each guest will receive, table limits,
winning chip counts, etc. 

Have a theme party in mind? Just recently, we attired our dealers in red French berets along with their glitzy Las Vegas vests and red bow ties to compliment the company’s Moulin Rouge party theme. 
And, to add to the Parisian atmosphere, we greeted the guests in French! Everyone loved it!

California Casino will deliver and set up the equipment as well as set up our complimentary casino decorations at your venue no less than one hour before your casino opens. The dealers will be appropriately attired and ready to greet guests at their tables 15 minutes prior to gaming which customarily lasts two to four hours.

Final payment for your event is made when the equipment
is delivered; the equipment is usually picked up right
after the event is over.

Give us a call and let’s get started!

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